Little Wardrobe is growing up!

I would like to take this opportunity say a huge thank you to all our customers and to those of you who have supported us as a small business along the way. It has been an absolute joy to clothe your children and inspire their imaginations. It has always been my intention to make each and every child feel special, to celebrate their uniqueness through the expression of dress; and as children mature, so do we.

I’m very excited to reveal that Little Wardrobe is growing up! We will very soon be creating refined and classic inspirations for women underpinned with an easy aesthetic. Think relaxed luxe, and extra simple silhouettes with playful bursts of colour, to compose a laid back english elegance. For those of you familiar with Little Wardrobe, you will know that as a designer I’m obsessed with QUALITY and go big on the little details.

Keep your eyes peeled as we return with Little Wardrobe Woman.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding bespoke tailoring, please contact us at

Lots of love


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